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Periodontology (tissue diseases)


Diseases of the tissues surrounding the tooth (the bone, the suspensory ligaments of the tooth and the adjacent gingiva adjacent) are called periodontopathies. These are diseases that are not very much know by patients, and sometimes most of those who suffer from them are unaware of the possibility and the necessity to treat them.

The first symptom of the disease usually includes bleeding gums, which may look differently. At this stage of gingivitis, appropriate therapeutic management ensures good results. As the disease progresses and symptoms worsen, treatment depends on rapid diagnosis and treatment implementation.

In order to achieve lasting results and stabilise the disease, it is necessary to remain under regular dental control and cooperate closely with the dentist since the treatment of periodontal diseases is a long-term process that often requires multiple procedures.

In our practice, we perform a full range of both conservative (supra/subgingival scaling, curettage) and advanced surgical treatments (flap surgery, GTR guided tissue regeneration techniques, clinical crown lengthening).