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Dental surgery Legnica

Dental surgery Legnica

It is a field of dentistry that deals with surgical procedures in the oral cavity.

We offer the following procedures:

  • tooth extractions,
  • surgical removal of impacted teeth,
  • exposure of impacted teeth in an arch during orthodontic treatment,
  • surgical treatment of oroantral fistula,
  • treatment of oral abscesses,
root resections of single as well as multiple root teeth,
removal of small mucosal lesions and nodules,
  • surgical preparation of the oral cavity for prosthodontic treatment,
  • frenulum incision,
removal of cysts,
implant procedures.

Most surgical interventions in the oral cavity are considered a last resort solution, and dentists do not recommend performing them without a clear indication. However, if conservative treatment is not possible, it may happen that more serious measures, such as dental surgery, are required. They are sometimes necessary in the case of impacted teeth, planned orthodontic treatment or prosthodontic procedures, as well as in the case of inflammation in the oral cavity, such as abscesses.

How do dental surgery procedures look like?

Any procedure that requires surgical intervention in the oral cavity can only be performed by a dental surgeon who has appropriate general surgical training to perform such type of surgery. Prior to the planned procedure, it is advisable to schedule a consultation for the dentist to evaluate the area that requires intervention, gather a detailed history of the patient, plan the next appointment and prescribe the necessary diagnostic tests. The duration of the procedure itself largely depends on the type of problem and the degree of difficulty, which may vary depending on individual conditions, such as a tooth in a hard-to-reach place. Before the surgery, it is worth to eat a solid meal, because it will most likely not be possible to eat for up to several hours. Contrary to what it may seem, for many patients dental surgery is not associated with pain. Most of them are performed under local anaesthesia so that the patient does not experience any discomfort during the procedure. However, pain may appear some time after the procedure, when the anaesthesia wears off. In order to alleviate pain in the recovery period, the dental surgeon will prescribe appropriate doses of painkillers and provide detailed recommendations regarding the hygiene of the site. It is very important to follow them closely since they allow you to go through the recovery period painlessly, and also help prevent the occurrence of complications and accelerate the healing of the affected area. A follow-up visit may still be necessary after certain more complicated procedures.

Dental surgery – why choose us

Dental surgeries are not simple procedures. They require not only extensive knowledge and experience, but also manual dexterity, patience and subtlety. Therefore it is extremely important that such an operation be performed by an experienced dental surgeon. Our specialists not only have the necessary qualifications and experience, but thanks to their participation in various training courses and conferences, both in Poland and abroad, as well as continuous improvement of their qualifications, they are up to date with the current state of the art and the most innovative solutions used in the field of dental surgery. We are aware that oral surgery is not a pleasant procedure, they usually cause a lot of anxiety in patients and many people associate them with pain and stress. Our dental surgeons make every effort to ensure that the surgeries are performed in a friendly, stress-free atmosphere. Each of our surgeons makes sure to take a detailed patient history before the procedure, perform all the required tests if indicated, and provide step-by-step information on how the procedure is performed, on any contraindications and potential complications. Thanks to our broad range of dental services, both pre-operative consultations, necessary diagnostics and post-operative checks can be performed in one place. Anaesthesia is available for every surgery, and we attach top priority to maintaining perfectly sterile conditions. An additional advantage is that our practice is equipped with the highest quality equipment, which makes it much easier for dental surgeons to perform procedures safely and precisely, and for the patient to feel comfortable during the visit, thus contributing to reducing the stress level during the surgery. It should be remembered that dental surgery is a serious surgical procedure, and as with all other surgical interventions, it comes with a risk of complications. However, our carefully selected specialists and state-of-the-art equipment means that risks are minimised. We have also made sure that our offices look pleasant and neat, making our patients calm and relaxed.

Modern dental surgery is a broad field, and dentists who specialise in it have access to advanced solutions to make procedures safe and as comfortable for the patient as possible. Even complex surgeries performed by our dental surgeons ensure safety and the highest quality of the procedures.