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Dental digital RVG

Dental digital RVG

Digital dental imaging enables to reduce the radiation dose by up to 90%. It allows us to quickly diagnose the patient in the office through digital recording and rapid data access. It is a must for modern and precise dental treatment.

A complication of untreated tooth decay may be inflammation of the pulp, necrosis and, consequently, inflammation of the periapical tissue. Such a tooth when left untreated becomes an inflammatory focus and affects the health of your entire body. In such cases, endodontic (root canal) treatment is the treatment of choice.

Performed under appropriate conditions (isolation of the treatment area with a cofferdam) and using an innovative equipment (measurement of the working length of the root canal with an endometer and verification by an X-ray scan) and advanced treatment methods (machine and ultrasonic preparation, root canal filling by condensation of warm gutta-percha), accurate insight into the treated tooth (microscopic magnification) determines the long-term survival of the tooth in the oral cavity.

We also specialise in root canal retreatment and removal of broken instruments stuck in the canal lumen.