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Prosthodontic Laboratory

Prosthodontic treatment in one day!

Thanks to a fully equipped prosthodontic laboratory on site, we offer quick prosthodontic appointments.

An additional advantage is that we can contact the dental technician directly, which enables the best treatment outcomes.

Our prosthodontic laboratory has an integrated CAD/CAM system for fast and precise scanning of digital impressions – from a single tooth to an entire arch. The technology eliminates uncomfortable taking impressions from the patient, which was then used to make a conventional plaster model reproducing the dentition, which served as a basis for making the final missing tooth prosthetic. Thanks to the capabilities of digital prosthodontics, we can ensure a higher level of comfort to the patient and save a lot of time as the replacement of missing teeth can be done during a single visit.

The range of prosthodontic laboratory services includes all-porcelain, zirconia restorations, implant-supported crowns and bridges, and customised abutments.

We are open to cooperation with dental practices and prosthodontic laboratories.

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