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Dental prosthodontics

Dental prosthodontics

Lost hard tissues of the tooth, single or multiple missing teeth affect the entire stomatognathic system. Therefore, any gaps should be repaired as soon as possible. The earlier the gaps are restored, the lower the risk of any unnecessary consequences such as more teeth lost or emerging temporomandibular joint disorders.

Our practice offers prosthodontic treatment using different types of removable dentures, regular crowns and bridges made of various materials, and implant prosthodontic treatment.

Removable dentures, i.e. dentures that the patient needs to insert and remove on their own, can be used both for complete anodontia and for a number of missing teeth. If several teeth are missing, a frame denture or an overlay denture can be used. Fixed dentures include crowns that completely cover the damaged tooth, ensuring protection and reinforcement. Prosthodontic bridges can also be fixed permanently and can only be removed by a dentist. They are used to restore either single missing teeth or entire arches and are used instead of several adjacent teeth. The bridge is fixed to the adjacent teeth. Implant prosthetics is also a solution worth noting. A special titanium implant is placed into the jawbone or the maxilla by a dental surgeon, and after it heals, a prosthodontist can restore the missing tooth on it.

Prosthodontic treatment: why it is beneficial and how it is done?

Missing teeth usually make you feel bad about yourself, however, aesthetic issues are not the only problem they cause. Even the absence of one tooth, which may not be very visible, can cause some serious problems. The remaining teeth can move, or they may become loose, a malocclusion can develop or the function of the temporomandibular joints may be impaired. All of these complications may lead to further problems, such as impaired food chewing and the digestive problems that follow, the occurrence of speech defects and – in extreme cases – even respiratory problems. This is why it is so important to correct all missing teeth as soon as possible. This helps to strengthen and retain as many of your own teeth as possible and ensures a beautiful, healthy smile, which is the hallmark of every person. The first step for patients undertaking prosthodontic treatment is taking a detailed history by the dentist. Important topics include the patient’s health condition and any medical conditions that might affect prosthodontic treatment, eating and hygiene habits and the patient’s expectations. The next step is an examination, where the dentist evaluates the condition of the teeth, cavities, gums and mucous membrane. They may also prescribe additional tests, such as a pantomogram scan. On the basis of all the information, the prosthodontist provides the patient with possible solutions in their case, informing them of the pros and cons of each solution, and considering their financial capabilities. Then an impression is taken, based on which the prosthodontic laboratory will prepare an adequate denture, crown or bridge. Sometimes pre-prosthodontic treatment is also required, which may involve extraction of teeth that are no longer fit for treatment or restoration, root canal treatment and also tartar removal. The final stage is the fitting with a prosthodontist of a denture or the placement of a crown or bridge. After the treatment is completed, regular check-ups are recommended where the dentist evaluates the functioning of the prosthodontic restoration in the oral cavity and can also make minor adjustments if necessary.

What makes our prosthodontic treatment special?

Prosthodontic treatment may follow various protocols, depending on the patient’s individual needs and the plan agreed between the dentist and the patient. Our specialists will help you choose the right solutions, whether you only need minor restorations or need to replace missing most or even all of your teeth. Thanks to our X-ray laboratory on site, we can carry out complete diagnostics at the first visit. Stomatologia Pastor also has a fully equipped prosthodontic laboratory, which enables us to directly communicate with a dental technician, which is rare in other practices. Our prosthodontics laboratory uses the highest quality state-of-the-art equipment that improves both the quality of service and saves time for the patient. The CAD/CAM system we use enables to take digital impressions, sparing our patients the unpleasant need to take conventional impressions. Neither do we need to make a plaster cast of it. All these facilities make prosthodontic treatment at our practice not only comfortable and stress-free, but also quick and efficient. It is even possible to perform the entire treatment within one day. We offer a broad range of solutions from which every patient can, with the help of a specialist, choose one that will be comfortable for everyday use and match their lifestyle. Thanks to top quality materials and the experience of our prosthodontists, our artificial teeth look very natural. We match their colour and shape to the patient’s remaining teeth and individual requirements.

Prosthodontics improves your appearance, making you feel better about yourself and more confident. Yet, replacing missing teeth is important primarily for your own health. Thanks to our prosthodontic specialists, it is really easy.

If you have problems with your teeth, make sure you visit us! Our doctors and specialists will ensure that you have a lovely smile and can function without problems!